Snax and Lorenz Rhode

KRAUTOK 2006, 2011

Snax musical career began at the age of 5 when he formed his first band with his older brother called “J.P and the writers”. Afterwards Snax left Maryland/DC, went to San Francisco, moved to New York, switched to Berlin, was half of “Bedroom Productions” and “Captain Comatose”, keyboarder for Foetus and then started a solo-thing. Since Snax was always very influenced by the dynamic live music of Washington D.C.ʼs Go-Go scene, its no surprise that his shows are a mixture of provocation, sleaze and fun. He casts himself as prime minister of what has been dubbed by one French review as “Fist-Funk.” Using his body, rhythm and soul, Snax is a natural born performer, challenging his audience to interact with him completely. This year at Krautok, he will perform together with Lorenz Rhode.

Gratitude (brand new track – free download!!) by snax

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