Session Victim

Session Victim demonstrate a charming disregard for the boundaries of house music, and unleash an unparallelled energy behind the decks. This pair of devoted vinyl DJ’s from the small town of Lüneburg in Germany delve and dabble into everything from Disco to Soul to Hip Hop and back again, stamping their wild personalities on every performance, leaving a crowd of smiling faces in their path. We find the 2011 edition of Session Victim in fine form after releasing an array of distinct and unconventional music on Real Soon, Delusions of Grandeur, Morris/Audio, Wolf Music, and Retreat. Session Victim boast a distinct production method, thriving on speed, spontaneity and methodological sample harvesting. With a performance direct from the heart, and two decades of friendship playing a vital role in creating, encouraging and fortifying this musical union – eyes down, hands in the air, no retreat no surrender. At Krautok, Session Victim present one of their rare live-acts.

Session Victim – Good Intentions – RTR09 by Session Victim

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